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Moodboard Meme by Aroa-hime Moodboard Meme by Aroa-hime
A meme I saw and I decided to do. The truth is that it was very entertaining first think in thirty-six things that inspire me, they are fetish and fixation of mine, and then find the appropriate icons to represent =^________^=

Sorry to put you all abridged version, but then I get excited too, but writing and giving details n.n'


Un meme que vi y me decidí por hacer. La verdad es que estuvo muy entretenido primero pensar en treinta y seis cosas que me inspirasen, que sean fetiche y fijación mía, y luego buscar los iconos apropiados para representarlos =^________^=

Disculpen que lo ponga todo versión abreviada, pero es que sino me emociono demasiado escribiendo y dando detalles n.n'

01_. Cain C. Hargreaves. Count Cain. Kaori Yuki's mangas.
02_. Neil Gaiman. (I <3 "Snow, Glass, Apples", "Coraline" and "Sandman")
03_. Gemma Doyle Trilogy. Libba Bray.
04_. Victorian Era.
05_. Fairytales - original and dark versions.
06_. Victoria Francés.
07_. Emilie Autumn.
08_. Corsets.
09_. Mitsukazu Mihara.
10_. Lolita Style.
11_. Porcelain dolls.
12_. Tomoyo Daidouji. Card Captor Sakura. Clamp.
13_. Ciel Phantomhive. Kuroshitsuji.
14_. Young master - servant relationship.
15_. Cats and boys with cat ears.
16_. Supernatural. Sam Winchester.
17_. Creepy girls. Ghosts. Asian horror movies.
18_. Claudia. The Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice.
19_. Incest.
20_. Clover. Sad stories <3
21_. Caspar David Friedrich. Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer. Romanticism.
22_. Pre-raphaelites. Ophelia. The Lady of Shalott.
23_. Books I've read.
24_. Witches and faeries. Fantasy. Mythology.
25_. Middle Ages.
26_. History. World Wars.
27_. Crosses.
28_. Scars.
29_. Blindfolded.
30_. Red Poisoned Apples. Snow White.
31_. Vintage photography.
32_. Mirrors. The Phantom of the Opera.
33_. Pale skin, red hair.
34_. Venetian masks. Venice.
35_. Red on white - A pool of blood lying on the pure white of the snow
36_. Blue.

Blank meme---> [link]
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September 10, 2010
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